How to file a case in the criminal courts and try the filed cases etc. is still unknown to the common people.  The parties and witnesses who appear in the court, under the impression that the court proceedings are inaccessible to them, only watch from a distance.  In the UAE, criminal cases are handled by the Public Prosecution Department.  These departments are responsible for prosecuting criminal cases against individuals or companies accused of illegal transactions.  Criminal law is a branch of law that covers all crimes and offenses committed by a person against the state.  Its purpose is to clearly establish the line of demarcation of what is considered unacceptable by the state and society.  It is well-defined because the law sets aside permissible and tolerated behavior from behavior that threatens, endangers, or harms people.  Criminal law emphasizes the punishments that criminals must face.  However, criminal cases need to be clearly defined as compared to civil cases.  Crimes are crimes against society or nation as a whole.

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